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Which online businesses are more profitable

Lo que deberías saber acerca de los negocios online

Today, entrepreneurs around the world have found on the Internet a large, unexplored market that offers many business opportunities. The digital connection that breaks down thought frontiers and provides information also makes it easier to find more specialized customers, sales representatives or market segments interested in offers.

First, two important points:

The first is that due to the complexity of the online market (stores, platforms, forms of intermediation, payment methods, types of products, types of services, etc.) there is still no consensus on which products are the most sold.

In second the businesses have been selected by the most profitable ones, taking the concept of profitability as the percentage of return on the investment made.

Here, the most profitable online businesses:

1. Multilevel Marketing: The ease of establishing contacts beyond the boundaries of the circle of acquaintances allows networkers to sell. To achieve this, they use the communities in social networks where they attract interested parties who direct their web pages. They also have automatic response systems that allow them to manage registration, train their networks and naturally sell their products.

The investment required to enter is very low because in most cases the parent company offers free web pages, for this reason this business is highly profitable.

2. Sale of courses and e-books: despite the fact that free information, specialized knowledge, properly organized and compiled information is always a valuable material on the Internet.

For this purpose, it is important to bear in mind that the educational offer on the Internet does not necessarily take the form of books, also audio, manuals in videos, websites accessible by subscription, bulletins, etc.

3. Dropshipping: In this form of e-commerce a person creates a store where products are offered. The difference is that the store owner does not need to maintain a warehouse or inventory because when he receives a purchase order, it is referred to the supplier and the supplier carries out the dispatch.

The store owner is in charge of the commercial management, customer service and finances of his space; however, he avoids the investments of buying stocks, maintaining warehouses, etc.

4. Affiliate Programs: an entrepreneur offers, displays or sells a company’s products for compensation. The affiliate has no obligation to meet fees and assumes no responsibility for the products offered by the selling company.

5. Digital services: Thanks to the rapid expansion of interconnection in the world, digital marketing experts, web designers and developers are required by companies and naturally by other entrepreneurs and professionals who want to position themselves on the Internet.

The investment to start your business is low, you need a website and the rest is promotion that can be done through social networks, email systems, etc…

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