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Search engine positioning has become one of the most important ways for people and companies that make the decision to make themselves known on the Internet. It is said that «whoever does not have a good positioning, will never be known on the Internet», the reality is that it is something quite certain. Are you getting started in the SEO world? well, it’s time for you to pay great attention, since we’ll try to explain you in a careful way all about what web positioning is and some tips that will favor you to get powerful benefits.

What is and How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Mainly it has to be defined according to the modification of data on a web page, in order to achieve a better positioning. We should also point out that different expressions are used to apply this name. There are several expressions such as: SEO, search engine optimization or search engine optimization. The main idea of this type of technique, applied manually, is to obtain results and when placing the name of your company or any specific keyword, appear within the results of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Nowadays it is necessary that the positioning in search engines is applied correctly, otherwise you could get penalties from Google and other search engines. As a very easy example is when we have the website of a carpentry shop, that’s why we manage to apply some SEO techniques so that if someone searches for «carpentry in Chile», you appear inside the search engine with similar businesses. If we apply a different and more specific keyword such as «carpentry in Santiago», applying a good search engine positioning work will get you out of the main places in the search engine you use.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

Web optimization how you can realize it is very fundamental. That is why it is essential to apply the strategies correctly and avoid problems, something that we indicated earlier. There are some kinds of search engine positioning that will allow you to get high profits on web search engines.

  • Natural Web Positioning: It is also known as organic positioning. This kind of optimization is one of the best you will be able to get. The correct practice of titles, key texts and goals are some of the ways that will allow search engine crawlers to detect your content and make you appear among the first places. A good internal linking is a great help for the site to obtain a more natural and effective positioning.
  • On Page Positioning: It is said that «the content is king» and we cannot deny it. Making content with a good application of keywords, optimized images and the use of plugins like SEO Yoast, can give you great results to appear in a better position within the search engines. Load optimization on your website is another of the main factors for optimizing your search engine rankings.
  • Off-Page Positioning: The formation of links to our website or satellite sites, are an optimal tool to optimize our search engine positioning. Although, the main concept is that each of these links are natural, social networks can be of great help to obtain good results with this type of positioning.

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