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Positioning is a commercial skill that aims to make a product occupy a particular place, relative to competition, in the thinking of the user. The meaning of «product» is interpreted in a large way: it can be an intangible subject, company, physical, religious belief, political party, person, place, etc. In this way, what happens in the market in dealing with the product is the result of what happens in the subjectivity of any person in the process of consideration, use of the offer and knowledge. Hence, positioning is now closely linked to the guiding meaning of profit offer, which understands the integral design of the offer, in order to make the sustainable demand in larger extensions of period.

Repositioning» is based on altering the position that the service or product has in the customer’s thinking, or else you think you remember one that you have already lost.

Positioning is the group of all the perceptions that exist in the thinking of a consumer in relation to a brand. Those perceptions are linked to a variety of primary attributes that marked a distinction between that brand and those of the competition. The company manages to decide what characteristics it wants its customers to know, the complicated thing is to know which ones will get more customers and give loyalty to the current ones.

  • Market Fractionalization
    Fraccionar is to divide the market into groups of clients that own properties together, this division is executed through 4 major agents:
  1. Geographic Agents: are all those properties linked to the geographical location of the clients.
  2. Socio Demographic Agents: are the corresponding cultural elements and demographic properties such as education, age, gender.
  3. Behavioural Agents: are the ones that define customers’ business behaviors.
  4. Psychographic Agents: are the agents that deal with the type of life including values, opinions, attitudes.
  • Choose a Section
    The company after splitting the market must select the one that has the benefits of its suitable client.
  • The Greater Appearance
    After understanding all the characteristics of the fraction that the company will target based on them, you can make the selection of the attribute that will be most interesting to users.
  • Conduct Positioning Tests
    Carry out actions such as Focus Groups in which the company can interact with users and analyze whether the selected attribute is being perceived as expected.
  • Communication Procedure.
    As soon as the company is sure of the attribute it wishes to highlight and has a firm target, it must form a plan that communicates the attribute to the client.
  • Valuation
    One should have a control to be able to study if the techniques that were raised to position oneself are given the expected benefits, this is achieved by means of analysis of

Positioning techniques
The ability to establish a positioning opportunity is a great test to understand the skills of a marketing expert. Successful positioning techniques are transformed into a competitive opportunity for a product. The most normal bases for composing a product positioning strategy are:

  • Positioning with regard to specific solutions, privileges or shortages.
  • Positioning with respect to the established use of categories.
  • Positioning in relation to occasions of use.
  • Positioning by separation by product class.

However, all the time with a competitive point of view. The key is that it is an «against»strategy. What are you waiting for, know much more about Positioning with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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