Posiciona en Google

Position on Google

Posicionamiento en Google

You’d say your website is visible on Google, wouldn’t you? You set up your website with all the satisfaction of the world, you sit down to want a stream of traffic and… nothing happens at all. There’s no visitors, no comment. And why talk about sales?  And not for this reason what you offer is unpleasant or unattractive, but because no one can find you. The web is saturated and Google only shows the 10 best results… Is there anything you can do? The solution is Yes.

The fact that the Internet is supersaturated with pages does not mean that all of them are competing to get out in the first place. In all honesty, the enormous amount of pages that exist have no chance of positioning themselves. people create websites that they have no idea how to make them work in search engines. They don’t understand the role of links. They do not update their pages. At least they don’t stop to study what’s going on. In keywords I will teach you how to deal with most of these points so that you can reach not only one, but dozens of points ahead of most websites.

Search Keywords

Keywords is what users type in Google to get what they are looking for. Enter a text and continuous success appears a list of important pages. The aim is for some of your pages to be displayed in the first results.

It may seem clear, but what one thinks about keywords does not have to be similar to reality. Usually the person searches automatically, using natural words, simpler than he or she would expect. Imagine what a failure of time and money it would be to work for months on optimizing your visibility to quickly find that you have the wrong terms. That’s why the idea is optimal, to start by searching for the words that customers use, so you’ll be sure to advance in the right direction from the beginning.

Create Contents for your Website

Content is the most important thing about any website and why anyone will visit you. Without content, it’s hard to position yourself. Think of it this way, when you do a Google search almost certainly don’t expect to see empty pages; on the contrary, you want pages brimming with information, don’t you? Google evaluates the same thing. The content must be textual.

From the point of view of the content search engine, text appears. Google does not decrypt images or waste time with Flash documents, but focuses on words that it then uses to find out if a website is important for a search. So, once you have your keywords, you must develop textual content for those terms. By doing this you will increase the chances of being reached.

Update your Websites

Content is only the beginning. This should be put on the exact technique to get the best match to the keywords. If Google finds important terms on your website is beneficial, but if it finds them on the exact site will be even more extraordinary.

Obtain Inbound Links

Search engines use a series of agents to position websites. These agents have to do with the importance of content and its prestige. The importance is calculated by evaluating the contents of the website. With regard to reputation, what search engines have most in consideration are the backlinks. In Google’s view, a web page that gets links is much more famous than a web page that doesn’t get links. The reason is that the search engine notices the links as the suggestion of a page, something like a vote of confidence.

Be Perseverant

Working on your keywords, links, content and pages will help you to increase your visibility on Google substantially. But improvement is not going to happen overnight. Positioning in Google takes up a lot of time. It takes time to work on your website, time for several people to link and share your content, and time for the search engine to detect the variables and re-study your website.

If you know how to be calm, you’ll see that the results come naturally and that you don’t need to take a risk because of urgency. Many users end up committing counterproductive actions because they want to see results as soon as possible. The effect in the vast majority of cases is a search engine penalty. If you want to position yourself in Google you must understand that the fastest is not all the time before reaching the Goal.

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