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Let me guess… You’d tell us your website is particularly visible on Google, wouldn’t you? You set up your website with all the vision of the world, you sit down to expect a lot of traffic and… There is definitely nothing going on. And for what sales talk. The fact that the Internet is supersaturated with pages does not mean that all of them are competing to get out in the first place. Is there something you should do? The answer is Yes.

I’m going to comment on several points that will help you reach not just one, but dozens of posts above most websites.

Get Key Phrases

A keyword is what users type in Google to get what they are looking for. They enter a text and a list of important pages appears. The aim is for some of your pages to come out on top. However the question is, why search terms come up?

However, what you think when you talk about keywords doesn’t have to be similar to reality. Usually the person searches instinctively, typing spontaneous words to get what they are looking for. Imagine how much time and money would be lost if you worked for months on raising your visibility and then realized that you had the wrong terms. That’s why the main idea is to start by finding out which phrases customers use, so you’ll be sure to get on the right track from the start. Some keywords or phrases could be: Web positioning Google Prices, Web positioning Google Chile.

Improve Usage Practice

The purpose of Google is to give users the most important results. The search being its main product, its advance depends openly on how satisfied the users are. The search engine should not only show the high content to the queries made by users, but also the greatest possible experience. Hence, to position yourself, you must still provide a pleasant navigation.

Get Links

Search engines use agents to position websites. These agents have to do with the importance of content and its fame. The importance is calculated by evaluating the contents of the website. As far as fame is concerned, what search engines have most in consideration are the backlinks. In Google’s view, a website that contains links is much more famous than one that does not. The reason is that the search engine perceives the links as the suggestion of a page, something like a vote of confidence.

Create Content for your Website

The content is the most fundamental of every website and the reason why anyone will visit you. Without content, it’s hard to position yourself. Think of it this way, when you do a Google search you probably don’t expect to get empty pages; on the contrary, you want pages brimming with information, don’t you? Google evaluates the same thing.

From the search engine’s point of view, Google does not decrypt the images or waste time, but focuses on words that it then uses to find out if a website is important for a search. For this reason, once you have your keywords, you must build textual content for those terms. Doing this will increase the chances of getting you.

If you know how to be persevering, you’ll see that the results come naturally and that you don’t have to run the risk of being in an emergency. Many end up making mistakes because they want to see results as soon as possible. The effect in many cases is a penalty. If you want to position yourself in Google you must know that the fastest is not all the time before reaching the top.

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