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Caring for online reputation

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Online reputation reflects the prestige of a person or brand on the Internet. Unlike the brand, which can be generated through advertising, the reputation is not in the hands of the subject or organization but also influence the public when they interact on these pages. This is very important on the web, where it is very easy and inexpensive to inform and give opinions through forums, blogs and social networks.

Why is it important to take care of her?

Depending on the type of user there are different reasons, brands must take care of it so that consumers do not stop buying it or else start buying it. People, day by day, must take care of how they express themselves to the public. Basically, it is the celebrities or people with great public projection who should take care of it.

Caring for and enhancing your reputation

  • Transparency: this helps users create a good relationship of trust or brand. Displays data, statistics, performance tests, photographs, explanatory texts and much more.
  • Accessibility: since it is the human process, we always seek to relate. The more accessible the better. If we are cold or inaccessible, users will see you as a robot or as someone unselfish to the business. Nowadays it is important to be in touch with users, establish a connection. This will make users loyal to your brand and see all your actions more positively.
  • Efficiency and speed: it is important not to keep our potential customers waiting in any way. Try to reply as soon as possible to the comments they write to you, the emails, the tickets…
  • Take the utmost care in dealing with the client: punctual client or visitor, whatever the occasion, take care of the maximum care in dealing with the people who come to your «space». Be polite and respond kindly to their requests and comments, listen to what they say and try to fix any problems as soon as possible.
  • Go around the best: The concept of reputation is often linked to the authority and number of powerful people we surround ourselves with. If you manage to establish links with well-known people in your sector, you will increase the confidence of your readers/clients.

This means that you are a person who really knows what he or she is talking about or offering and who is interested in the job. It will also help to consolidate your knowledge and open new doors that may seem impossible. Give it a try!

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