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Why it’s important to be at the top of Google

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Cómo cuidar la reputación online

A website without traffic is like having a store on a lonely street. Regardless of how good the product is. If no one comes in, if you don’t manage to attract visitors, you’ll end up closing the deal. That’s why it’s important to be among the first in Google.

Therefore, it is essential to use strategies to attract potential customers to the website, such as search engine positioning.

Appearing at the top of Google’s results pages, has become the most important thing for those companies that want to make their presence on the Internet profitable. And that’s why resources are dedicated, both the optimization of websites to get organic traffic (SEO), and for payment campaigns in Google AdWords (SEM).

What does Google offer?
Appearing on the first pages of Google results means that our business opportunities will be extensive. Returning to the initial example, it would be like «moving» the store to a main avenue, where many people will walk past your shop window and perhaps enter it.

On the other hand, appearing in the search engine gives us a reputation bonus. What do you think about searching for a company on Google and not finding it? You either rule it out or you think it’s a shell company.

Forms to appear in Google results
As mentioned above, there are two ways to appear in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Page):

  • Paid or SEM (Search Engine Marketing): in this case the links that appear in the search engine are the result of paying a certain amount of money. This is called sponsored links and appear at the top and/or side right of the page.
  • Natural or SEO (Search Engine Optimization): where the results that appear are part of a work both inside and outside the page itself. This positioning does not require a fee, but it is not free. Behind a good SEO work there are many hours of work and knowledge, and this has a cost.

What to do to position yourself?
One of the main strategies that will help you position yourself naturally in Google is to generate pages with fresh and original content. The more content, the more pages indexed and therefore the greater the chance of being found.

Obviously, if you offer few services you won’t be able to create too many pages, so a good option is to insert a blog in your domain that will help you to generate more content and therefore Google «sees you with better eyes».

Google values all content that is original and relevant to its users. In fact, videos are very useful to decrease the rate of rebound and increase the time spent on a website. Therefore, a good strategy is to mix different types of formats, to have a constancy in the creation of contents and above all to know where we are and where we want to arrive.

The union of all these elements will be what helps position you in the first pages of Google results and therefore, that customers enter your store.

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