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SEO Basics Concepts

1What is SEO
SEO is an English term meaning "Search Engine Optimization" which in Spanish would be search engine optimization or search engine optimization, according to wikipedia.
SEO consists of making improvements in our website and creating links from other websites to ours to create relevance of our site, in order to improve the placement in search results in different search engines.
2The importance of being on Google's first page
It is important because it has been proven that ONLY one in three people who do search pass beyond the first page, so it is common to hear that if you want to hide something, you should leave from the second page of Google.
. A good job of web positioning, should have as purpose, take your site to the first page of the search engine, it should be taken into account that SEO positioning, is in the medium or long term and does not work overnight, we have achieved in some cases, take to the first page of Google in less than 30 days to websites with newly purchased domain. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
3How search engines work
The search engines (Google for example) use algorithms to check all the web pages that there are, and create an index of the words and phrases that are found in them, so that when a person searches for a phrase or similar word (keyword), already have a list of pages that could respond to that person.
In order to make the ranking besides that the word (phrase) is in the web site, the search engines handle more than 200 different parameters, among them this one that other web points towards the site of interest with the same phrase (word), that indicates to the search engine that the information is valued and therefore it rises in the ranking of positioning of the search engine.

What is SEO Optimization

1Website optimization
Website Optimization (SEO On Page) consists of making improvements so that search engines can find information more easily on your page. Some of the parameters that Google looks at to highlight the pages are: That the key phrases (words) are in the text, that they are in the labels H1, H2, etc., that the urls are friendly (meaning they have names), that there are multimedia, that the page loads fast, that it has external links, that it has internal links, that it has buttons of sharing in social networks and many more.
>. With our service we provide you with a document with suggestions to improve your website.
2SEO Off Page (outside the page)
are techniques that are used to improve the relevance of our website, and consist of generating visibility on other sites on our page through links that point to ours. You have to get different types of links, but among the relevant ones are, to get websites with the same theme pointing us with links, that there are links from different social networks, directories, forums, other blogs.
. With our service we create links every month to your site, from different web pages, we can guarantee your website positioning Chile or your website positioning Santiago, among other cities.
3Keywords (keywords)
The web positioning of any page must take into account in particular the use of keywords and keywords, which are those that inform search engines that your page has the information that the user is interested in finding.You should consider how your visitors look for the services, information or products you are offering, in search engines especially Google, to design a website optimized for those keywords, and thus achieve a better ranking or web positioning in Google. So the first step to have, a successful positioning seo, is to make the web design with positioning in mind, that is to say from the beginning to search for keywords with which they look for it, create a list of them and make the web page with these words present.

What makes our web positioning agency different

1We helped him get up there very quickly.
Positioning any word in Google searches is done with time, and it is necessary that the website is optimized for that phrase and also that there are links pointing to your website from other pages, that tell search engines that your website is relevant to people for the phrase chosen. With us you can choose how fast you want to go up in the Google ranking, based on that we make more and better links according to your budget.
2You choose the number of words to upload
You tell us how long and how many words you want to upload, keep in mind that a word that is low competition in terms of seo, can go up in 20 days to the first page of Google, we have plans from 20 thousand pesos for local seo, to plans of 9 sentences or more phrases on the first page of Google with annual contract.
3What to consider when hiring an SEO Agency
Look for guarantees on your investment that you don't lose the money. Among the companies of web positioning, we are the one that obtains the best results in less time, also we have the commitment and we offer the guarantee, to take your website to the first page of Google, try if you do not raise 100% of your money back, we can do it because we are the best company web positioning. You can see the comments we have in Google Local Businesses
- We have the staff and the necessary means to work with all types of business sectors, with our Google positioning service we have helped to position online stores (retail, e-commerce), manage web positioning for hotels and tourism, lawyers, doctors, architects, just tell us your sector and we can help you.
- We can provide additional services of web design, graphic design and online marketing, with professionals in seo positioning, graphic designers, editors, programmers and web traffic experts, all from different countries and we handle different languages.

What you should consider to optimize your website

1Having a good hosting
There are three hosting factors that can negatively impact your ranking in search engines. And this is Uptime / Downtime and Speed.
Downtime, or downtime, is the time your website is inaccessible to visitors due to problems with hosting (the server where your website is hosted).
Uptime or uptime, is the time in which your server commits to be online, if you are told that it has an average of 99% does not serve
. Speed or the speed with which your page is loaded from the server, in 2010 Google said that one of the factors that affects positioning is the speed of loading.
2Site map (sitemap)
The site map is a file that tells search engines which pages should be indexed, making it easier for crawlers to work and you make sure that everything you want to report in search engines appears.
3robots. txt file
In order to continue with our seo positioning strategy, it is essential to tell the search engines that you should and should not index on our website to show in the queries that are made. The file responsible for doing this is robots. txt, and we communicate with the search engines and their spider robots.